What is Clean Your Conflict?

What is
Clean Your Conflict?

We’ve all been there. Opening up the lid of the washing machine. And then the feeling of panic as you notice that your partner’s favourite white sweater is suddenly in several shades of pink.

It’s one of the most common conflicts there is. And often, it’s one of those small conflicts that after some time can blow up and become a massive, relationship-ending conflict.

We don’t want that. No one wants that.

So, for everyone that doesn’t own a Samsung QuickDrive (a washing machine that has so many features that it’s kind of impossible to mess up your laundry), we created Clean Your Conflict. A video-chat app where you can talk live with a conflict expert about all of your dirty laundry conflicts. So you can spend quality time together. Instead of fighting when it’s laundry time.

Our conflict expert

Gustav Bates has worked actively with solving conflicts since 2001. Mainly through his own company, called JagOchBates. He’s also an active teacher at the University of Gothenburg, where he teaches classes about the art of conflict resolution. And how to approach it in the best way.

He’s trained in handling conflicts that’s mainly related to work. This makes him a perfect expert as many of these conflicts are similar to conflicts that arise at home about chores.